Top Three Fictional Worlds I’d Live In

When I first read fantasy and sci-fi literature as a boy (as opposed to the man-boy I am now) I would often get drawn into the worlds of the stories.  When I wasn’t reading I would spend many an hour daydreaming of a life in those worlds.  I have fished in the Shire, attended concerts at the Harper Hall and drank the night away with my fellow cut-throats at The Vulgar Unicorn (granted, I only had a vague idea of what alcohol tasted like at the time. I assumed wine tasted something like Tahiti Treat. Talk about disappointment.)

I’ve never really stopped thinking about these sorts of things, of course.  But I’ve always had the “what if” program running quietly in the back of my mind, and I’d check in every once in a while to see how it was running.  So when a recent conversation with a pal on Twitter got me thinking about fantasy worlds I have known and loved, it seemed the perfect time to look at the front-runners for my fantasy home.  I present to you my top three fantasy worlds I would live in if the TARDIS* ever offered me a lift:

#3 – Thieves’ World:  If you are familiar with the shared world of Sanctuary, created by Lynn Abbey et al in 1978, this may seem an odd choice of locales for setting up a fantasy home (if you aren’t familiar, follow the link).  But Thieves’ World makes the list in large part because of the people.  Don’t get me wrong, I would be excited to live in the city of Sanctuary at the arse-end of the Rankan Empire.  The setting has a gritty, down-trodden feel which, to me, signals the opportunity for success.  After all, if everyone is at rock bottom, there is no where to go but up, right?  And that’s what makes me love the characters.  Jubal of the Hawkmasks, Hanse “Shadowspawn”, Cappen Verra the minstrel, Tempus, Prince-Governor Kadikithis, Hakiem…oh, Hakiem!  I would spend days plying the irascible old story-teller with wine and listening to his tales!  But Sanctuary is filled with so many interesting characters, I honestly don’t see how I would ever be bored.  Given the cut-throat and criminal nature of many of them, my life might not be terribly long.  But boring?  Not possible.

#2 – PernMy love of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern is not a secret.  So is it any surprise that Pern makes my top three fantasy homes?  What actually tears me when I think about living in Pern is, when would I want to live?  Do I want to arrive with the original colonists, live sometime during the “interregnum”, or live in a Hold or Weyr during the Pernian “renaissance”?  Yeah, trick question.  I want to ride a dragon!  As a kid it never occurred to me that I would not be a dragonrider.  As I’ve gotten older, I have softened from that stance; I would also settle for bonding with a fire lizard or three.  I’m not greedy.  But beyond considerations of dragons, there is something very appealing about the society of late-period Pern.  It has a simple, pastoral quality in which I could immerse myself.  Would I like to work out of a weyr or Harper Hall? Sure.  But anywhere in Pern would be an adventure I’d be happy to live.

#1 – Tolkien’s Middle Earth:  This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one who knows me.  I want to live in Middle Earth so bad, the ache of loss sometimes wakes me in the night.  I’d get myself a nice little hobbit-hole near Bree and spend my nights in The Prancing Pony (are you sensing a drinking theme?).  When I needed a bit of adventure I’d go camping on Weathertop or  journey to The Last Homely House (yes, I know the elves would be gone, but it would still be a wonderful place to visit).  For a change of pace I’d visit Gondor and poke around on the other side of the river, maybe go spider hunting with friends.  In short, Middle Earth would be a non-stop fantasy geek party, and I want to go to there so, so bad!  And the best part?  Once I got tired of things I’d rig up a ship and sail into the West, hang out with Frodo, Gandalf and the gang.  In short, Middle Earth ftw!

Sometime down the line I’ll post the top three RPG settings in which I’d like to live.  Bonus points if you can guess which ones they are ahead of time.

So what are your top fantasy worlds?  Drop me a line in the comments…

5 thoughts on “Top Three Fictional Worlds I’d Live In

  1. Discworld – no question, hmmm… and maybe the world from the movie Krull, and possibly the future world of Gene Wolfe’s Shadow of the Torturer… you know, maybe I’ll get back to you. 🙂 Great post btw!

  2. Earth of 2214 from ‘The Fifth Element’. Eclectic urban sprawl might have its problems with Mangalores, Mr. Shadow and mega-explosions, but you’ve got fast food, flying cars, and even the low-grade scientists can re-grow you from just a severed hand. Not a bad scene.

    Actually, any Earth with equal or better tech than here will do nicely. Earth 2390s (post-Borg) of Star Trek sounds just about perfect. Kinda the point.

    If it got too dull, the Firefly ‘Verse (post-Reavers) might just be the place to never put down roots.

    What a brilliant post! Thanks.

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