The Dawn of YEGGEEK

Edmonton has a rich and active geek community.  In fact there are very few facets of geekdom that are not represented in some capacity; sci-fi literature, comics, gaming, cosplay, anime, Star Trek, Star Wars, LARPing…the list goes on.  There is never a shortage of things for geeks to do.

But it is often difficult to find the events happening around Edmonton.  Some are run by stores and shops, who don’t advertise outside their customer base.  Others are organized by groups that lack the resources or know-how to advertise as fully as they would like.  Or they are promoted to a specific group of people, and never reach the broader geek community.  Whatever the case, geeks often miss these events simply because they didn’t know about them (something I have tried to ameliorate with postings of local events here on Renaissance Dork).

But YEGGEEK is going to change all that.

YEGGEEK is the brainchild of local geek extraordinaire Brandon Schatz (known to many as @soupytoasterson on Twitter).  Not satisfied to leave the status as quo, Brandon has organized a number of local nerds to put together YEGGEEK as Edmonton’s geek social network hub.  When the site officially launches its primary function will be to keep local nerds informed on the myriad events happening around Edmonton, through the use of an online event calendar coupled with Twitter and Facebook.  Any group, store or individual organizing a nerd or even nerd adjacent event can post it to YEGGEEK’s calendar, where it can be read by, well, anyone.  In addition, it will get promotion through the YEGGEEK Twitter feed.

The site will also feature articles and editorials on a wide range of subjects of interest to local nerds.  And submissions will be welcome from anyone in the geek community; we’ll even provide some simple proofing and copy-editing, for those concerned their writing skills are a bit rusty.  And there are other aspects of YEGGEEK that will be developed down the line, but I think I’ll keep those secret for now.  Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise…

YEGGEEK has already soft-launched, and the twitter feed is up and active, as is the Facebook page.  This is going to be big, people, so I highly recommend you jump on board now.  If you are on Twitter you can follow all the YEGGEEK news with @yeggeek, and if you are tweeting local nerdery remember to use #yeggeek to bring it to our attention.   And come like us on Facebook, because we want to be liked!

I’ll post more details down the line, but in the meantime stay tuned to YEGGEEK on Twitter and Facebook, and get ready for the dawn of something really cool, nerdlings!

*     *     *

And Spider Robinson still needs our help, so step up my fellow nerds and do what you can: donate and/or get the word out.  Thank-you.

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