The State of Renaissance Dork

Things are afoot here in the world of the Renaissance Dork, so I thought I’d take a moment and catch everybody up on a few things.  Never fear, we are a long way from the dreaded “it’s been fun, peace out” post.  If that ever happens; everyone knows it is more likely updates will simply stop after I’ve disappeared exploring an ancient tomb.  (FYI: Come rescue me!)

But there are a few new things coming, some I’ve talked about before and some genuinely new.  So in no particular order:

– The podcast is still happening.  I had some brief technical difficulties (I loved that microphone!) and then a dissatisfaction with how I was presenting the podcast.  But I’ve sorted both those things out, lined up some pretty snazzy interviews (though I say it myself) and found a guest contributor that I think will entertain and delight.  So look for the Prairie Geek Report to begin airing in June.  Links and etcetera will be posted here when it goes live.

YEGGEEK is also still a go, though we have been a bit slow off the jump.  But Brandon, Dana and myself et al are still dedicated to getting this up and running.  When it does, it will hopefully become a digital hub for geekiness in Edmonton.  Besides hosting a calendar of local nerd events to which any group can post, YEGGEEK will also publish articles for and about our local nerds and nerdly topics.  Look for it soon!

– As I said earlier, Renaissance Dork isn’t going anywhere either.  Despite an SAD-induced scarcity to my updates, I do really love writing for this blog.  So I see no reason to stop, and in fact there are some additions and changes coming that I hope people will enjoy.  One of those is a format change;  the site is looking a bit “meh” to me, and while that could just be a strong spring cleaning vibe I am looking at other site designs.  So the nerdiness will continue, for as long as you guys are willing to put up with it (and likely a bit longer).

– My freelancing work is picking up again, and White Collar Mercenary is going to get a little more official.  I’m putting together a website for it right now, so I can point potential clients towards…something.  This will be the year I explore how far I can take my little home business, and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m also going to continue working at my freelance writing, develop some new contacts in both the literary and RPG fields.  I have at least one contact with whom, because of an SAD-related meltdown, I have a lot to make up for, so fixing things with him will be top priority.  Otherwise, the work marches on!

That’s about it!  There is a lot more I could touch on (Pathfinder Society and Wizard’s Comics, for instance) but I think that is enough for now.  If you have any questions, suggestions or amusing anecdotes please share them in the comments…

Comments? Questions? Amusing Anecdotes?

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