RPGaDay, Day 4: Most Recent RPG Purchase

I was going to show-off the D&D Starter Set again, but that was bought for me, not by me. No, my most recent game purchase was the updated rules for Kobolds Ate My Baby!, over at Drive-Thru RPG. I’ve owned and played the previous edition for years, but I wanted the latest edition so I could see what was new, look at all the wonderful John Kovalic art, and support 9th Level Games.

If you’ve never heard of KAMB!, I suggest picking up your own copy and taking it out for a spin. It really is one of the finest beer-and-pretzel games I’ve played, and a perfect fit for a silly-fun evening with friends around a gaming table. I mean really, what’s not to love about playing kobolds in search of delicious babies to satisfy the voracious appetite of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!)? Just remember, if the table is quiet, you’re doing it wrong.

Humpday Links for March 6

March in Edmonton has come in like some sort of lamb/lion hybrid, as I’ve come to expect from the prairies under global warming.  Before we get too overwhelmed with thoughts of the impending weatherpocalypse, let us enjoy these special links from around the internet.

– If you’re a gamer popping the big question, why not give the ring that says, “I want to roll crits with you forever.“?

– Ever wonder what goes into making a can of Coca-cola?  I mean, everything that goes into it?

– A look at Star Wars Episode 7, if it were a French film. *shudder*

– To wash the taste of that out of your mouth, check out my personal choice for Father of the Year.

– A NIN/”Call Me Maybe” mashup…not much else to say, actually.

– From an interesting article on asymmetrical game-play comes the rules for Lord Dunsany’s Chess.  I’ll have to give this a try sometime.

– Iron Man 3 trailer.  Iron Man 3 trailer!  IRON MAN 3 TRAILER!!

– I touched on GM’s Day on Monday; here is a special take on it from John Kovalic over at Dork Tower.

– Speaking of John Kovalic: I have been a fan of Kobolds Ate My Baby! since it came out in the original indie version, and I snatched up the Deluxxe Edition because it had John Kovalic’s art.  Well now they have a Kickstarter, and they are going full-colour Kovalic, baby!

– Seriously, if you are just interested in learning about stuff, you can’t go wrong with Crash Course.  I’m learning chemistry!

– For you boardgamers out there, here’s a very cool box insert for sorting your card-based games.

Would I use a TARDIS soda machine?  Almost exclusively.

– Why?  Because Classical Gas, that’s why!

– And in conclusion, nebulas in 3-D. You’re welcome.

Stay tuned for more exciting nerdery to come.  As always, feel free to share a link to something interesting in the Comments, and have a great Hump Day!