Do It In Public!

readrpgs-anibuttonRead an RPG Book in Public, that is! Why, what were you…naughty!

Promoted tri-annually by The Escapist, Read an RPG Book in Public week is meant to raise the profile of the role-playing hobby and show our love for what is normally a behind-closed-doors activity. You grab a favourite RPG book, find a public area to relax for a little while, and get to reading. That simple.

I’ve done it when possible in past years, and always enjoyed it. I’ve endured very little in the way of any negative response to it; the occasional strange look to be sure, but nothing like actual harassment. Most of the time, when folks approach me it’s to tell me that they play or used to play, and occasionally we end up swapping stories of games gone wrong (or right). And I’ve even had a few people ask about how one gets in to the hobby, what they need to buy, where to find players, and so on. So if I’ve managed to inspire even one person to join our geeky ranks, it’s been worth it.

So get on out there and post your pics of you reading an RPG in public. Spread the nerd love wide this week. And please feel free to share your pics in the comments below, I’d love to see what you’re reading. I’ll be posting my pics here as I take them, so stop back and see what I’ve got on the go.

NOT New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  Mostly because I don’t believe in them; they’re too much like a yearly deathbed conversion that never takes for most.  But I’m also selfish enough that MY new year starts on my birthday, and that is the day I choose to reflect, assess and make decisions about future changes.

However I recognize that New Year’s Day is a useful milestone, so here are a few things I’ll be trying out in the New Year:

1)  The Fifty Book Challenge – With my trusty Kobo in hand, I’m going to make a run at this.  I suspect I’ll clear this hurdle with room to spare; even discounting game books I read a lot.  No, seriously, more than that.  If you want we can start a pool as to when in the year I actually hit fifty books.  I’ll start a separate page on here to list the books I read.  Note that only books I have never read before will count toward this list, not re-reads.  Those will be on my own time…

2)  The Stollery Hair Massacure – I took last year off from this, but it is time to get back in the pink!  So I will be dying my hair on New Year’s Day and taking donations right up to the Shave Day, February 15.  I’ll provide I have provided a link in the sidebar if you want to donate, and in the meantime here’s what the Hair Massacure is all about.

3)  Posting Gaming Material – This year I’m looking seriously at getting back to writing game material.  So to start, and to shake the rust out, I’m going to post some freebie stuff here on the site.  Nothing too big, mostly just encounters I’ve made or little bits and pieces of campaign schmutz I’ve put together over the years.  If you like them, please download and give feedback.  If you don’t like them, please give feedback.

I think that is enough to get going on.  There are few other projects that I put in motion back at my Bday, and they’ll keep chugging along as well.  Expect posts about these, and more, once I reach significant milestones.

I hope your New Year is an amazing one, filled with wonder and joy.  Thanks for reading, eh?